Our Story

Our story began one day in a restaurant cafeteria. Somewhat environmentally conscious, we had never truly paid attention to the amount of waste that was being produced even by the smallest facilities. Hundreds of styro foam plates, cups, and plastic utensils being loaded into garbage bags and trucked out day by day. It was unbelievable how much garbage was being made in such a short amount of time. What was most shocking however, how the people in that cafeteria did not even realize the impact they were making on the planet. 

Today, we work to help make the earth a better place by providing biodegradable products to our customers. Each of our items are produced from the areca nut plant, commonly found in rural India. This plant, usually burned as waste, is easily turned into compos-table utensils, plates and other products. The making of these products has very little impact on the environment. Our goal was to create a product that not only helped reduce the amount of non-compostable waste being used, but also to create jobs for women where we source our products. Furthermore, part of our proceeds goes to educating girls in rural India. We constantly strive to give back, whether it be to our earth or our community, creating a positive impact is top priority here at Green Bison.

Join us in creating a planet that is safe and clean for future generations to enjoy...