About Us

GREEN BISON was founded with a vision to create environmental friendly world of sustainable living with bio-degradable, sustainable farming and green technologies.

“We are building an earth-friendly brand and have invested a lot of money on the supply chain and distribution to make this brand go international,” says Gautham, Co-founder of GREEN BISON.

“The challenge of end-of-life of plastic is of global concern. They do not degrade or compost for hundreds of years. The thousands of tons of disposable plastic that goes out as waste every day creates a lot of environmental hazard for mankind, animals, and marine life. Many countries are starting to realize the massive environmental damage and are launching policies to address them by banning these products. We have to push our local governments to push legalization for mandating bio-degradable alternative products. Education is key on this topic,” says Gautham.

We are company with online and retail presence, we use our own distribution network to source raw materials from large and small farmers. The products are sold in packs of various quantities and these bundles can be used from picnics to large and small gatherings at home or work.

We focus on reuse, recycle, and re-purpose. We began by sourcing from farmers at first but soon realized that we needed to set up our own manufacturing plants as we wanted to scale the business.

GREEN BISON objectives is to convince users of plastic to convert to using bio-degradable products and manage our waste from polluting the earth.

As part of GREEN BISON the co-founders are constantly endeavoring to find newer, better products that are closer to earth, bio-degradable, compostable, nontoxic, chemical-free, and safer for man, animal and earth. Research is currently on-going on bamboo, paper, bio-plastic, and organic products for more earth-friendly alternatives.

The market size for this industry is as big as the plastic industry. Industry studies pegs the plastic industry to be as big as $12 billion. Biodegradable products may be more expensive, but they are certainly cost-effective and better for us and the environment.

The focus on going green is permeating every sector. Going green should be every company and individual’s thought process. It is also the duty of the state and citizen to ensure it happens.

It is not possible to go green overnight. But there is wisdom is using materials made from biodegradable material. The economies of scale that plastic carries have out-weighed green materials so far, but we need to change our choices to save our planet from choking on plastic. The time to go green, say the co-founders of GREEN BISON, is “NOW”